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Ben Wilson grew up in Michigan, served as a representative for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Taiwan, and currently lives in Rexburg, Idaho. Using a watercolor style, and a digital medium Ben seeks to lift and inspire others. His art combines his love of the Savior’s restored gospel, the beauty of God’s creations, and his talent for technology.

“I have always liked zoos and aviaries, especially ones highlighting colorful North American birds. Sadly, I spent most of my life merely wishing that I could see these beautiful creatures in the wild. It wasn’t until I took the initiative to learn about them first that I began to find them everywhere, even in my own front yard! I couldn’t see them until I was prepared to see them. This obviously comes out in many of my pieces, but more than that I hope that my work conveys the lesson I learned. There are blessings and joy in our lives that we might miss if we aren’t ready.”

Ethical Use of AI-Generated Art

As an artist with a deep appreciation for both traditional and AI-assisted art forms, I believe in the responsible and ethical use of AI-generated art in my creative process.

Throughout my artistic journey, I have honed my skills in digital art over many years, predating the emergence of AI-generated art. Today, I incorporate AI-generated art as a valuable tool in my creative arsenal. However, I want to assure my audience and fellow artists of my unwavering commitment to ethical art practices.

1. Originality and Artistic Integrity:

I pledge not to release any AI-generated art under my name without introducing meaningful artistic changes. Every artwork I present to the world represents my unique artistic vision and personal touch, even when AI is part of the creative process.

2. Verifying AI-Generated Art:

Before using AI-generated art as reference material, I rigorously perform reverse image searches to verify the originality of the generated images. This ensures that I respect the rights of fellow artists and maintain the highest standards of artistic integrity.

3. Respect for the Art Community:

I hold immense respect for the entire art community, from traditional artists to AI artists and everyone in between. My goal is to foster a collaborative and ethical environment where creativity flourishes, and artists' rights are upheld.

I believe that AI is a tool that can enhance the creative process while preserving the essence of human creativity. By adhering to these principles, I aim to contribute positively to the evolving landscape of art and technology.

Thank you for joining me on this artistic journey, where innovation and ethics go hand in hand.

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