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Thank you for visiting my store page! There are a couple options for how to proceed.

  1. If you are local to or can drive to Madison County, Idaho and would like a basic print, you can use the local store found in the middle of this page (jump to local store).
  2. For products requiring shipping or different art mediums you can visit my Redbubble page.
  3. If you would like to request custom and/or personalized art, please email me at
  4. If you would like to donate to the creation of additional art, my Venmo is at the bottom of the page.


For Redbubble, please choose one of the following Collections:

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Local Prints

For local basic prints you may choose your print from the section below:

When you submit your order request, the website will open a new window with a google form. The form will already be filled out and all you need to do is verify your information and click submit.

If you don't want to request a print right now but would like to see more of these paintings in the future feel free to leave a small donation to help fund future projects.

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